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The First Stone tools made by our ancestors millions of years ago were the first step towards the development of civilization as we know it day. Since then stone has become indispensable to mankind, and many years later Jerusalemstone further developed this old age business into a state of the art technology. Over a quarter of a century of experience in handling stone from the quarry to the building site, Jerusalemstone created a new aesthetics of stone, one which maintains cultural and historical continuity as it leaps into the future.

The highly qualified team of stone has over 20 years of experience in the stone manufacturer industry producing high-quality stone for both the public and private sector. Whatever your business needs, you can fully rely on our result-oriented approach and expert advice. Jerusalemstone owns and operates 10 quarries in Palestine and Jordan with an annual production of m3 of marble, hard limestone and dolomite raw blocks. This in addition to 5 manufacturing and produce virtually unlimited supply of the finest limestone and marble appearing in many of the world’s most prestigious projects.

Jerusalemstone strategy helps it to achieve its current leading presence and serves as the basis for future growth and profitability. Work according to international standards requires continuous investment in modern technology, constant upgrading of human skills, and the use of the most efficient machinery. Jerusalemstone has over the years made remarkable progress and development in these areas hoping to create a new culture in the stone business one that is based on quality assurance in production and management. The Group currently exports most of its production to the US, European, and Far-Eastern markets, in addition the nearby Arab markets.