The stone quarries form the backbone of Jerusalemstone business. It guarantees its clients better quality products, a higher degree of color uniformity, and above all competitive pricing. The selective geographical territories make excellent resources for the wide variety of colors we offer in our collections.
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From the most fertile manufacturing facilities in Palestine, Jerusalemstone annually produces more than 500,000 square meters of finely finished stone slabs and cut to size tiles; all of which come in a myriad of shades , textures, and tints to suit every taste and style.
Delicate stones are re-inforced with epoxy resin and fiberglass netting to strengthen their hold. Special care is taken for stones with open veins by filling and impregnating thetheir surfaces automatically with resin for a smooth finish.
Allowed variation on thickness is 1-2mm Slabs of fragile nature are back re-inforced. The polish is done to the maximum and is measured by a gloss meter.
Tiles of small standard dimenions are beveledunless otherwise mentioned. Larger tilesgenerally come with no bevel and when required the bevel is done by hand. Tiles are polished to the edge. For honed tiles, a special brush is used to insure that honning marks do not appear on the surface. Acceptable variations on measures are: Length (+/- 0.5mm), Width (+/- 0.5mm), Thickness (+/- 1.0mm), Sureness (+/- 1.0mm), Flatness (+/- 1.0mm).

Quality continues to play a pivotal role in shaping Jerusalemstone vision for the present and the future. The Group’s strict adherence to clear quality control procedures and its continuous commitment to achieving high standards in all its production. In production, quality is maintained through a series of inspections. Each block is carefully matched to the standard after each phase of processing. Checking and rechecking continues through the final processing, polishing, packaging and final loading into containers. No compromise is taken in the selection and quality control regarding color, tone, and structure. Jerusalemstone staff takes every precaution to insure material delivered is in the best possible condition.

Success in the international market is largely dependent on Jerusalemstone being able to offer its customers’ professional packing that follows the highest in international standards.

All tiles are produced according to American and European international standards. Tiles in small standard sizes are calibrated, beveled, and come packed in carton boxes, which are then arranged in wooden crates. Larger tiles are directly placed in wooden crates with Styrofoam lining.
Squared slabs of the same bundle are packed together in wooden frames or set on metal stands depending on the means of transportation; whether by container or truck.

Whether loaded on trucks or in containers, Jerusalemstone staff utilize years of experience to insure that materials delivered will meet the customer’s exact specifications.